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Some Common Questions

Does It Cost More to Buy Through an Affiliate Link?

No, it does NOT cost more for buying through one of our affiliate links. In fact, sometimes you will even pay less.

As an affiliate website, we only receive a percentage of sales made from our recommendation or promotion. We do not receive funds for any purchases you make apart from our affiliate links, but most of our merchants allow a small buying window. However, all sales made within that window (usually 24 hours), we should receive an affiliate commission for linking to the retailer. Wherefore, we may also receive credit for purchases made not relevant to KJV Bibles Online.

As an affiliate, sometimes I may be able to negotiate discounts or subtract a percentage of my commission to reduce prices on certain items. In other words, there are times when I may take a pay cut to save you money!

I will advertise these deals publically for everyone’s advantage.

All my deals are unique and special favors for those who visit KJV Bibles Online. I will not negotiate or provide any such discounts on an individual bases in performing personal favors. All special discounts are for everyone and stand as is, period.

Who Handles Shipments, Customer Service, and Financial Transactions?

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Does Endorse Merchants that Sell the Products?

No, we only approbate the products advertised on this website. All other transactions depend upon the customer’s discretion.

As an affiliate, the owner of reserves the right to promote the products of any desired merchant apart from any further affiliation.

We believe it is our God-given right as Christians to buy a King James Bible from any retail corporation, no questions asked. If your conscience does not stay silent for you to buy from a secular or worldly distributor, then you probably shouldn’t be online reading this, for the Internet is not a righteous paradise; it is a world full of many evils.