Essential Beliefs

Below is a brief statement of faith. These are a few of my primary beliefs about the Scriptures, God, His Son, the Holy Ghost, and God’s children. It’s not an exhaustive list, but rather simple foundational truths I consider essential.

Let it be noted that I do not believe in “teaching for doctrines the commandments of men” as the Pharisees. I report what I find in the Bible, and is supported by the Scriptures. It’s up to the reader to study to see if these things are so.

The Scriptures

I believe that the sixty-six books of the Holy Bible each are the settled, complete, and divine revelation from God to man. Both the Old and New Testaments are equally God’s word without error. The Old was not written to men of this era, but as the New, are “profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.” These are the Scriptures.

Through the unfailing providence and sovereignty of God, the Scriptures are pure and preserved. The exact words of God stand from generations past to everlasting. God is responsible, according to His promise, to preserve them, and we are responsible to live by them.

I believe the original words of God may be translated into another language, such as English, and still hold the same authority. The King James Bible is translated from the words of God and represents the originals in the English tongue.


I believe that there is only one living and true God. The Scripture always reveals Him in the masculine gender. He is not feminine, despite what some falsely teach.

God is an all wise, immortal and invisible spirit. He is self-existent, sovereign and supreme over all. He is the Creator, Maker, and Preserver of all things both visible and invisible.

There is only one God, as there is only one human race. For example, men are not of the same kind as other living things. We are also not the same as God, but we are made by Him in His likeness. Therefore, God has dominion over us.

The Scriptures reveal God eternally existing as the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Ghost, which I believe is the trinity. The trinity is God as three distinct persons with the same divine nature, as there is one human race with different people all having the same fallen nature. However, unlike the human race, God is characterized as one, for our sin has divided us from each other and Him.

God is love, and in love, provided the Way of salvation from sin, but not all receive His Way. In God’s redemption plan, man cannot have salvation unless God draws him, and men are drawn by the resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ                                       

I believe that Jesus Christ was both the Son of God and the Son of Man. He was begotten by the Holy Ghost, born of a virgin, and He was without sin.

Jesus Christ suffered, bled, and died as a perfect substitute and only acceptable sacrifice and offering for both original and actual sin. After Jesus finished His work on Earth as a man, His soul descended into Hell (i.e., the lower parts of the Earth) prior to His resurrection and ascension into Heaven, as the Scripture teaches.

I believe in the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave to everlasting life. He physically walked on Earth and was seen of many before He ascended into Heaven. Now He is seated in Heaven at the right hand of God the Father, where He makes intercession for the Saints, until He returns to judge all men at the last Day. Only by Jesus Christ, we can come to God, for there is salvation in none other.

The Holy Ghost

I believe that the Holy Ghost is the eternal God. The Holy Ghost proceeds from the Father and the Son as the Spirit of God and of Christ; thus, we get the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Ghost is a living spirit, which is why we call him the Holy Ghost. Some deny Him as a person of the trinity, and call Him only the Holy Spirit. They falsely teach the Spirit is the exclusively the essence of God.

Throughout Scripture, the Holy Ghost is used in the masculine and neuter genders. He has a name like the Father and Son we call God.

He reproves the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment to bring about salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. He baptizes Believers into the Body of Christ, empowers them for service and worship, equips them with gifts, and He produces fruit that characterizes the nature of God.

The Holy Ghost, as the fullness of the Godhead, also seals, indwells, and leads the Children of God into righteousness and truth.

The Children of God

I believe that those who have received Jesus Christ in faith are those whom God has enabled through a new birth to be His children.

The Children of God are begotten of Him by the Word of Truth as a result of hearing, understanding, and believing the true Gospel. At the moment of faith in Christ, the gift of eternal life is given; if faith is forsaken, God will remain faithful to His promise—eternal life is forever.

Believers are sealed by the Spirit of Promise (the Holy Ghost) as a guarantee of eternal salvation in Christ.  I believe in eternity, that the Children of God are equal to the Angels in Heaven, but they are not made into them as some falsely teach.