Could Jesus Sin

Could Jesus Sin While On Earth?

Could Jesus sin while on Earth? Due to a misunderstanding of the nature of Jesus, a belief has surfaced that suggests our Saviour was able to sin. Every true Believer knows He was sinless, but many Believers struggle with the question: Was Jesus able to sin? Get the truth here…
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Personality of God

Is God The Father A Person?

Many people teach that God the Father is the same person as Jesus Christ, but is this what the Bible teaches? Discover the personhood of the Father, and see why it’s incorrect and even blasphemous to deny the person of God.
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Praising God the Father

5 Reasons For Blessing God The Father In 1st Peter

There are at least five reasons for blessing God found in the 1st letter of the Apostle Peter. This is a message we all need to hear. If you are having problems exalting God or just want to enter into a deeper relationship with Him, then you want to read this.
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Divorce in the Bible

No, You Cannot Put Away Your Spouse To Marry Another!

With the divorce level at an all-time high among Christians, there’s never been a more appropriate time to preach the truth about marriage. Can you put away your spouse? The world wants you to think so, but Christians aren’t the world. See how God wants you to view marriage and find a solution to divorce.
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