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ACCU Gel Bible Highlighters ★★★★★

ACCU Gel Bible Highlighters Study Kit I’m glad to see that you desire to gain a deeper understanding of God’s Word. It’s my intention to find a good and cheap way for this to happen. This review of the ACCU Gel Bible Highlighters Study Kit will help you on your way!

I’ll go ahead and say that these Bible highlighters are the best tools for marking your favorite, most used Scriptures.

Discovering Scripture with the Study Kit

I am one of those people who like to have specific scriptures stand out as I read, especially if I’m trying to win someone to Christ or make a point clear while teaching a disciple. Yes, I do prefer to memorize scripture locations, and I recommend that as the first priority for every Believer, but those Bible verses that specifically mean something special to me or are rich in doctrine, I like to highlight. Common sense teaches me that highlighted verses make time for a deeper study of the Word, and it makes primary verses easier to find. The highlights are also easy to read too!

I don’t know about you, but I talk to a lot of people about doctrine and I’m not one of those teachers that teach from my own authority. I’ve heard a million preachers proclaim the word, or rather their word. What I mean is so many people teach as if what they say is the authority and totally leave the Bible out! On the other hand, I’ve seen some  make use of a single scripture to form a whole doctrine! I’ve also heard people try to teach something in regular discourse that they simply just don’t know what passage they are quoting from.

I love a good Bible study as I’m sitting with family or friends around the table or sitting room, but these much needed conversations can become quite frustrating when people start shouting out opinions. Be a Bible believer, not an opinion believer.

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I welcome sound doctrine, but I believe all sound doctrine has a firm backing called “The inspired word.” Yes, I firmly believe in the Scripture we have today is of God.

A Good Solution: Marking Your Bible

Should we just not talk about doctrine or spiritual things around our family and friends anymore? Heavens no! We should never leave out God from our gatherings. He’s the LORD God; He should always have preeminence. I believe God deserves acknowledgement and we should welcome what He has to say 24/7. The only way to do that is by opening up His Word, or knowing it enough to quote or paraphrase it.

I’ve noticed that many people are keeping God out of their conversations because they are tired of looking foolish trying to teach something without the Bible, because they have had such a difficult time trying to find a passage before, they just give up altogether! Giving up is not the solution; we need to be ready to give an answer when asked.

One solution is highlighting your favorite passages, or the ones that you find yourself discussing with others the most. If you highlight the scriptures that you typically discuss, then you will be able to find them quickly when the time comes. This will boost your confidence in talking about the Bible and it will increase the faith of others too! The solution is to never leave God out, but rather learn how to include Him effectively. And, I assume that every good Christian has a Bible handy at all times.

The twistable ACCU Gel Bible Highlighters are a top choice of “Christian consumers” that actually use their Bibles.

Now for the details…

Product Description

Bible study gel highlighters set of 10; recommended and tested for marking on Bible paper.Inductive Study Kit contains 10 acid-free, non-bleeding, non-smearing accu-gel highlighters. Bible-safe; each color corresponds to a topic of study, matching up with the Inductive Bible study plan. Highlighters in reusable clear vinyl zipper case; each marker with removable cap and pocket clip. Silky smooth gel highlighters.

Overview of ACCU Gel Bible Highlighters

These Bible Highlighters come in a set of ten, which makes it easy for you to develop your very own highlighting system. I know there are some Bibles you can purchase that are pre-highlighted, but it will be more rewarding for you to come up with your own system. You may want to use all ten colors for different topics, or you may just want to highlight your favorite verses.

If you come up with a highlighting system, you could assign each color to any topic for easy, quick referencing. You might choose one color for your favorite verses and designate the other colors to topics like salvation, prophecy, marriage, etc. You could even highlight specific Old and New testament commands and promises.

If you do not want all ten, then you can purchase the markers individually or in packs of three. You’ll save a few dollars if you by the whole set though.

These markers have a sharp tip for a more precise highlight and they go on surfaces smoothly. The ink does not smear or bleed through pages, so you don’t have to worry about that, and they shouldn’t cause the ink on your surface to smear.

Customer Reviews

Most people where very satisfied with their G.T Luscombe’s Bible Highlighters. However, there’s always a dud…

The positive reviews were all the customers who had purchased ACCU Gel Bible Highlighters Study Kit and had a great experience with them. However, I found some reviews were the customers would not buy them again; I guess every product has negative reviews.

Most negative reviews were due to lack of quality in the item; for example, sometimes the highlighter would be too light, but the main complaint was the yellow tended to have a greenish color to it. I’m not sure how hard that person bared down or didn’t, but I know that some yellow markers will change to a greenish color if the black ink on the paper bleeds when made wet. The type of ink or paper can also cause the highlighter to make smears. This is not necessarily the fault of the highlighter… and it is rare for these highlighters to have this problem.

I also noticed that some people said these highlighters had a crayon look, but that’s probably because they are no bleed dry highlighters. However, I think I read only two reviews that mentioned this.


If you don’t want all ten highlighters, you have four other options to choose from.

  1. The set of ten is $13.99
  2. Six highlighters are $7.99.
  3. The set of three is $3.99
  4. Individual markers cost $1.99 each.

You save money if you go ahead and get the set of ten, plus you’ll have more marking options. The other sets are good options too, but you may not get the colors you prefer; for example, I like yellow, orange, and green, but those colors aren’t offered as a set. Plus, you never know when you’ll discover new topics to highlight.


There’s no reason you should avoid talking about God, even if you don’t know the location of every scripture you believe and so often reference. We have an abundance of Bibles; I recommend you find one formatted that you enjoy reading and start highlighting important verses.

Every Bible student needs a few good ACCU Gel Bible Highlighters Study Kit.


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