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Welcome to! This website was established out of a heart to promote the most needed book in the world: the Bible!

The Bible is God’s actual words to man, and it contains the only completely accurate record of creation and our history. There is no other book that is more relevant for human beings today than the Bible. Wherefore, this website serves to connect people with it.

We, at KJV Bibles Online, only recommend King James Bibles for sale online. The King James Bible, with over four hundred years of scrutiny, has proven to be the the most reliable translation of the Word of God. It’s not only true to the original languages of God’s holy word, but it’s also the easiest to read, understand, and remember.

There is a vast array of various Bibles with the King James text to accommodate Christians at different stages of spiritual growth. It is an honor to be able to recommend some of these Bibles. KJV Bibles Online helps you choose the appropriate Bible for your stage of life.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a child or an adult, boy or a girl, scholar or layman, the Bible is for you, and it would be a great honor for us to be able to help you pick one out!

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We believe in saving money, and it would be a pleasure to help you save too. Therefore, after much research and buying Bibles, we have teamed up with the Bible distributor that seems to always have the best deals for new and slightly imperfect Bibles. not only has great deals on Bibles, but they also sell thousands of other helpful Christian materials. For example, if you like to highlight important and meaningful verses in your Bible, you can get a nice multi-colored set of ACCU Gel Bible Highlighters for a very reasonable price.

Grow with Us!

You will not only find King James Bibles on this website, but verse studies and personal devotions are also provided for our guests. Our library is ever growing, just like us, so please browse our reviews, Bibles, and studies, and do enjoy learning about God with us!

To get a basic understanding of what kind of teaching to expect, please visit the Beliefs page.

All of our own content belongs to us, and is not to be sold. However, we do encourage sharing under code Matthew 10:8, which says, “Freely ye have received, freely give.” For more information on our sharing policy please read the Permissions page.

Every Christian most personally obey the command of our Lord to search the Scriptures, but there is also a command for his servants to preach what they hear in the ear “upon housetops.” There are many ways to observe these commands; we choose to proclaim Scripture and truth through written format as one act of obedience.

The owner of this website also has a public ministry of evangelism; that is, he preaches where invited, and he is an active soul-winner.

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No Bibles are actually sold on this website, and all of our resources are free, but a man that preaches the gospel cannot live of the gospel without generous contributions. So please prayerfully consider financially contributing to this ministry.

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